Magical Magenta
Three seagulls fossicking in the sand and leaves
This print was created using drypoint, monotype, and hand colouring.  
Size: approx 24cm x 8.5cm
Sandy Seagulls
Seagulls are exploring by the beachside.
Printmaking techniques were used, and hand
coloured to make those feathers pop.
Size: approx 22cm X 8cm
Hints of Gold
Seagulls in shades of soft greys
nestled amongst hints of gold and
green mixes of leaves and foliage.
Medium: Drypoint, monotype, and hand colouring. 
Size approx: 25cm x 7cm
Peaceful Seagulls
A seagull nesting in the matted foliage in earthy tones of gold and greens.
Medium: mixed media, drypoint, monotype, and hand coloured.
Size: approx; 24cm x 8.5cm
The Floating Bird
Soft rosy shades of pinks create a peaceful 
flight for this elegant bird.
Medium: Etching on aluminum, monotype,
stencil, and hand coloured.
Size: Approx 15cm x 29.5cm 
Whimsical Rendezvous
Catch up time for these two graceful birds
representing movement and space.
Medium: Etching on aluminum and inked in 
an eye-catching blue. Touches of soft collage.
Size: approx 23cm x 24cm
The Curious Bird
Inspirational print of the little bird
making its way through!
It can be done just to keep your wings wide open.
Medium: Etching on aluminum, inked, and ink
markings dragged through on paper.
Size: I'll check
Turquoise and Thoughtless
Graceful bird in flight drifting through a maze 
of mauve and blue shades. A calm and peaceful print
showcasing the beautiful colours of a turquoise palette.
Medium: Lino cut print and hand coloured.
Ruby Wings
Intriguing feather structure in muted tones 
of magenta, pinks, and burgundy splashes.
Intense depth in the undergrowth in this print.
Eyecatching and with a touch of mystery.
Medium: Lino print with ink worked
throughout the paper.
Monoprint is used for undergrowth.
The Three Sisters
A joyful gathering of the three seagull sisters.
This print began as an etching on aluminum
and found its way with a touch of collage using tulle
for texture.
Finally, hand-colored with a colourful palette.
Time to Fly
Bird taking flight displaying feather structure
in deep tones of purples and soft blue feathers.
Textured areas under the wings show the different
marks that can be made with print work. 
The strong dark branch shows the bird lifting in flight.
Gum Blossoms and Parrots
Amongst the leaves and gum blossoms,
the cheeky parrots live the best life.
This print was etched on aluminum and inked
to achieve this result. Careful attention was given to
creating the shadows and muted finish of the plate.
Midnight Bunnies
These three little bunnies get up to all sorts of 
tricks in the night. The bunnies were carved on a lino plate
and inked in three colours to achieve this look.
Note the texture under their feet to see the effect this type
of work can produce