The Collection

Big Red
A work expressing the tones of red.
An excellent colour to demand attention & fill your space with intrigue.
A glint of gold pops the interior colours drawing through gentle soft tones.
Pinks bring warmth while the greens create movement and harmony.
Mix media work using acrylics with lots of texture
Size: 123cm x 89cm
The Mystery Man
Surrounded in mystery!
Mixed media extends itself to collage. This art form 
was established around 1912  by Pablo Picasso and
Georges Braque. This technique involves using different
bits and pieces of fabric, fragments of twine, paper other
soft flat materials and incorporating them into the painted artwork.
Enjoy the colours of turquoise with a pop of gold.
Ships In The Night
Brilliant splashes of colour, abstractand textural. This work is themed aroundmovement and action, creating luminous reflections.Mixed media with thick, expressive paint application.